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Oil Change Services in Surrey

Oil change is part of preventive maintenance, and can go a long way in terms of helping car owners avoid long-term issues. If anything, fluids are considered as the lifeblood of a car, and getting them replaced on a regular basis can increase the vehicle’s life, while also preventing major breakdowns. At Mighty Tune And Brake Newton, we offer quality services of car oil change in Surrey, for all car brands and models at a cost-effective price.

The Best Place for Engine Oil Change in Surrey

The team at MTAB puts in the best of its efforts to ensure that the quality of our work is never compromised. We only use premium quality lubricants to increase the lifespan of our clients’ vehicles. Not only that, our skilled team of technicians holds the experience and expertise required to thoroughly inspect other oils and fluids, and always deliver a detailed report to our esteemed clients. For our clients’ benefit, we also go the extra mile to offer pick and drop services, and ascertain excellent customer service all through the process.

Elite Level Services Offered At a Pocket-Friendly Price

With an expertise in a variety of makes and models, we offer a range of pocket friendly, yet effective oil change packages for our esteemed clients to choose from. For us, what matters is that we maintain the efficiency of your vehicle so you can enjoy utmost peace of mind while on the road. Apart from that, our experts offer an array of car services, which makes us the perfect choice for all your vehicle maintenance and repair related needs.


Your car entails many intricate machines that require regular lubrication to avoid damage and run for a longer time. To make it a hassle free process, MTAB offers the best oil change services in Surrey along with certified technicians and best equipments.

To maintain your vehicle for long term and save the engine from the dust and debris, regular oil and filter changing is necessary. At Mighty Tune And Brake Newton, our experienced professionals offer the best oil change in Surrey. From quality services to cost-effective prices, Mighty Tunes and Brake Newton is always ready to change your oil and oil filter - helping you increase your vehicle’s age and preventing significant breakdowns.


MTAB believes that quality speaks louder than quantity. The experienced professionals at Mighty Tune And Brake Newton put our best efforts and premium lubricants to deliver the best oil change service in Surrey. With the most experienced professional team, we comprehend the right type of oil for your vehicle and advise only the best oil for smooth running and increased life of your asset. Our cost-effective services and detailed report ensure that we provide our esteemed client’s car maximum functionality, robust protection, and better long-term performance. For the comfort of our customers, we also provide pick and drop services and assure the best customer services throughout the process.


Making sure to deliver the best oil change services in Surrey, MTAB recommends only the best type of oil for your car's individual needs and keeps the engine of your car working at its best with years of experience and expert professionals. We at MTAB offer an extensive array of auto care services to our esteemed customers that are effective and yet pocket-friendly. With a wide range of services offered by experienced and trained professionals, we support our customers in maintaining their vehicles for as long as possible.

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Regular Oil and Filter Change

  • SEDAN / SUV'S(Up to 5 Litres) - 69.99
  • TRUCKS(Up to 8 Litres) - 89.99

German & Euro Synthetic Oil and Filter Change

  • SEDAN (Up to 5 Litres) - 159.99
  • TRUCKS (Up to 8 Litres) - 179.99

MPI* + Regular Oil and Filter Change

  • SEDAN / SUV'S (Up to 5 Litres) - 89.99
  • TRUCKS (Up to 8 Litres) - 109.99

MPI* + German & Euro Synthetic Oil and Filter Change

  • SEDAN (Up to 5 Litres) - 169.99
  • SUV (Up to 8 Litres) - 189.99

Synthetic Oil and Filter Change

  • SEDAN / SUV'S (Up to 5 Litres) - 109.99
  • TRUCKS (Up to 8 Litres) - 119.99

Diesel Engine Synthetic Oil and Filter Change

  • SUV’S – 139.99
  • TRUCKS-139.99

MPI* + Synthetic Oil and Filter Change

  • SEDAN / SUV'S (Up to 5 Litres) - 129.99
  • TRUCKS (Up to 8 Litres) - 139.99

MPI* + Diesel Engine Synthetic Oil and Filter Change

  • SUV’S – 159.99
  • TRUCKS-159.99

Note: All our prices are inclusive of all taxes and environmental fees. You pay exactly what you see on this page.
*MPI stands for Multi-Point Inspection.


As a rule of thumb, your oil should be changed at least twice a year or every 5,000 to 7,500 km. These numbers will change depending on your vehicle, how often you drive and the type of oil you use.

The amount of time required for oil change service for your vehicle at our service center may vary depending on a number of factors. If you request that our service department provide you with automotive repair or other services aside from an oil change, the process will take longer.
Typically, you will not have to wait more than 15-30 minutes for our certified technicians to finish changing your motor oil at our service centre. This is a general estimate of the time necessary to complete oil change service.

You have probably heard about comparing synthetic oils or a synthetic blend to conventional oil. Both kinds of oil have their advantages and their drawbacks. If you're seeking greater long-term engine protection, synthetic oil is better for you.
However, if cost is your primary concern, conventional oil is probably better for your particular situation. Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil. It really depends on whether your priority is the cost of the oil or the level of engine protection.

At MTAB, we know how important it is to get regular oil changes. That is why we endeavor to make scheduling an oil change appointment with us as quick and easy as possible. You can browse our website and make an appointment for oil change service online.

To make an oil change appointment via your phone, call our service number at 7786819644. We hope you stop by for an oil change soon.
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