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Benefit From Our World-Class Auto
Electrical Services In Surrey

Car electrical issues can be extremely tricky to diagnose. It takes a lot of expertise to determine whether it is the wiring or the device that it is connected to. In case your car isn’t properly flashing, blinking or lighting up, it is probably because it is experiencing an electrical malfunction. No matter the case, there’s nothing for you to worry about as our skilled car electricians in Surrey are available at all times to sort it out!

With our experience in providing auto electrical services in Surrey, we are in the position to help you diagnose and resolve all sorts of issues from engine computer issues to faulty lights. Our electricians hold an expertise in identifying the problem using state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and fix auto-electrical issues, and guarantee to maintain thorough transparency all through the process.

Get Your Vehicle’s Electrical Faults Fixed By
Leading Car Electricals In Surrey

For the team at MTAB, the number one priority is to ensure 100% client satisfaction by providing top-of-the-line services for their vehicle related issues along with excellent customer services. We are known for the quality of work that we deliver, and we owe it all to our skilled team. With a specialty in a variety of makes and models, we assure you of the highest standard of services. To ascertain our clients’ comfort, we also offer pick and drop services across Surrey. So if you are experiencing electrical issues in your car, and wish to get it diagnosed and repaired by thorough experts, then make sure that you get in touch with the team at Mighty Tune And Brake, Newton.


When your vehicle’s air conditioning system needs repair, look no further than Mighty Tune And Brake Newton - the best auto repair shop in Surrey.
We are highly skilled and recognized for our top-notch technicians and auto repair services in Surrey. Auto electrical repair in Surrey is easy when you bring your vehicle to Team MTAB. Our experienced mechanics will find and fix your problem quickly and with as little expense as possible to keep your family on the road and on budget!


There are a number of red flags that indicate the need for a servicing of your vehicle's electrical system. If you try to start your car and you hear grinding, clicking, or no sound, it’s time to call a technician and schedule an appointment. The average car battery lasts between three and six years. Therefore, you should replace your car's battery after four years to be on the safe side. If your vehicle's dashboard lights do not illuminate properly, the electrical system is likely malfunctioning. Another indicator of a potential electrical system issue is if your vehicle’s headlights darken as you drive at low speeds

The life of your battery is most commonly affected by temperatures, such as extreme heat or freezing temperatures, and the length of your trips. Driving short trips on a regular basis won’t allow your car’s battery to fully recharge and overall, that will shorten its life expectancy. High temperatures also affect the alternator, and in general all electrical equipment, because heat increases electrical resistance.

Fuses are designed to protect electrical circuits. If a fuse is blown, that’s a sign indicating one of the electrical devices in your car or the wiring is attracting or carrying too much current. Replacing the fuse without identifying the underlying problem is not a long term solution, as the fuse will continue to blow until the underlying problem is fixed.

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