Surrey Timing Belt Replacement Service

Everyone dreads timing belt replacement

- except for your friendly and professional staff at Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey.

We do quick, professional, and ethical work to make sure you get mobile again promptly!

How do you know your timing belt is failing? You might need a timing belt replacement if you hear a ticking sound or a high-pitched whirring sound coming from your engine, if the engine misfires or simply won't turn over, or if you have oil leaking specifically in the motor area. The cause could be anything from belt tension errors to tooth wear to cracks. Even oil leaking from another spot can contaminate the belt and cause problems.

It is essential to get your timing belt replaced before it becomes a larger problem, as a completely broken timing belt can cause catastrophic engine damage that would require entire engine replacement. If you suspect your timing belt is going, come to Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey for timing belt replacement before it's too late. We want to keep you mobile!