Starter, Alternator Service

Starter, alternator service is a breeze at
Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey.

Make sure you've got a running chance at always having your car start by having your starter and alternator serviced by us. Keep that little starter motor in good condition and it will always be able to send power from the battery to the engine. If you hear a clicking sound when you try to start your car, and the car isn't starting, you may need a new starter. If your car sometimes fails but sometimes doesn't, we can keep an eye on your starter by testing it occasionally to ensure that it's drawing enough power from the battery. Too low of a current can mean that the cables or connections are faulty, whereas too high of a current means that the starter itself is getting worn.

Once your engine is running thanks to the battery and starter, it's the alternator that keeps things going by keeping the battery charged so you can have things working such as lights and radio. If your alternator is faulty, however, not only will these items fail but the unreliable power will eventually affect your whole system, causing your engine to fail.

Keep on top of your starter alternator service by scheduling an appointment at Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey.