Surrey Muffler / Exhaust Service

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A poorly performing exhaust system is detrimental to the entire vehicle's performance. Decreased power, decreased fuel efficiency, and even damage are just some of the reasons why you should keep on top of your muffler / exhaust service. The most important reason to keep your exhaust system functioning optimally is the health and safety of everyone involved, from you the driver to the passengers in your car. Life-threatening toxic emissions of carbon monoxide and other gasses can seriously impact your health if allowed to escape into the chassis of your vehicle.

The manifold is where the hottest and most toxic gasses enter the system and thus is susceptible to the most damage. Next up is the catalytic converter, where not only carbon monoxide but also nitrous oxide and hydrocarbons are converted into carbon dioxide and water. Although this system rarely fails, it is a very serious problem when it does. Finally, the muffler, intended to muffle the sound, and the exhaust pipe where the final fumes exit, are susceptible to corrosion and damage and thus warrant frequent inspection. Signs it's time for a muffler / exhaust service inspection include think smoke from the tailpipe, loud noises from the muffler, increased fuel consumption with decreased power, and possibly vibrations.

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