CV Axle Replacement

We're happy to be able to offer you CV Axle Replacement in Surrey

At Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey, we understand just how essential the CV Axle is to your car and we're happy to be able to offer you CV Axle Replacement in Surrey.

You might be wondering what a CV Axle even is or does and why you need CV Axle replacement - well, imagine a wheel with nothing to deliver power to it from the car and you'll begin to see just how vital the CV Axle is to your vehicle. There's more to it than that, though. The CV in CV Axle stands for Constant Velocity. This designation is important to show that the wheel is not just rolling but moves with flexibility on a constant basis. A straight axle, in contrast, would not be able to move and adapt to the bumps and dips in our streets. Front-wheel, all-wheel, and even some real-wheel drive vehicles employ this technology that allows the axle to change length and move up and down. All the better to facilitate a smooth drive!

With time and wear, the CV Axle becomes torn, worn, cracked, and full of dirt and build up. You'll know it's starting to fail if you hear a constant clicking sound while you drive, notice a "clunk" when you slow down, or hear a crackling sound when you turn or speed up. Replacing the CV Axle is a job that requires specialized tools and a knowledgeable hand so leave it to the pros at Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey to do your CV Axle replacement keep you mobile!