Surrey Cooling System Service

Cooling system servicing is very important
to us at Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey

This is because we understand how very serious it is if your engine overheats.

Vehicle engines give off an enormous amount of heat when operating. This heat can warp and damage all the other parts under the hood, so it is imperative that your engine stays cool enough to function safely. We say 'cool enough,' however, because we don't want it to be too cold or it won't function properly. So, getting the balance right is the job of the cooling system and keeping your cooling system optimally working is our job.

If your engine were to overheat while driving, it could seize up, crack, and completely fail - even while you're in motion. Needless to say, an accident could ensue, not to mention the very expensive cost of replacing the engine and any other parts damaged under the hood (and more if you sustained a collision!). We at Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey want to prevent all of that for you by servicing your cooling system and keeping things running smoothly.

We will:

  • Check your radiator and antifreeze to make sure the entire system is running properly and there are no leaks or cracks
  • Clear out deposits
  • Top up fluid levels
  • Completely replace coolant when necessary (recommended per owner's manual)

So come to Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey for all your cooling system servicing and repair!