Surrey Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service

Don't ignore the Check Engine light warning

At Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey, we understand that many people don't rush in for a Check Engine light diagnostic service. A lot of people think they can ride it out or ignore it for a while but, we're here to take care of you and your vehicle, and we want to tell you that it's very important that you do not ignore these warnings!

Your Check Engine light can come on for a number of reasons,
whether they be ignition, fuel, or emissions related:

  • Most commonly, you have an emissions problem, which is usually a quick and easy fix, often to replace the oxygen sensor
  • Spark plug repair or replacement needed
  • Bad/loose gas cap
  • Catalytic converter problems
  • Bad valves
  • Mass airflow sensor needs replacing

Many of these causes for the Check Engine light to illuminate are not necessarily imminently life-threatening to either you or your vehicle. However, the longer you wait to get any of these repaired, the more damage you are doing to the car, possibly the environment, and possibly even yourself and your passengers. So, we suggest you not ignore the light and come to Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey for your Check Engine light diagnostic service as soon as possible!