Battery Service & Battery Replacement

Complete your Battery Service & Battery Replacement

We're here at Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey to complete your Battery Service & Battery Replacement and keep you running!

We do everything from battery testing to battery service to battery replacement. Don't get caught out in the cold or in the middle of rural BC with a dead battery. Have your battery tested and serviced by the experts at Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey. Not only can intense cold affect your battery but so can intense heat! Batteries can also fail due to corrosion (though corrosion isn't always a battery-ending problem) and even the over-charging of devices (a definite occurrence in today's society!). Did you know that shorter trips can be harder on your battery than longer ones? The constant restarting without time to charge in between can actually be detrimental to your car as well.

Not only should you keep an eye on that "Check Engine" light, but also consider your car's recent performance. If you have had to jump your battery a lot lately, or if you require multiple attempts for the battery to start, you may be in need of a replacement.

Batteries don't last as long as they used to, and we're happy to inspect, service, and recommend replacement when necessary to prevent you from getting stranded. Come to Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey for your battery service replacement.