Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey

Amin Bhimji
Owner / Head Technician

Qualified Automotive Technician

Graduating from BCIT's Automotive Program, Amin Bhimji has gained and maintained an excellent reputation as a Government Licenced Red-Seal and Inter-Provincial Technician in domestic and foreign automotive shops. Now, as the Owner of his own automotive maintenance and repair shop, MIGHTY TUNE & BRAKE in Surrey, Amin understands that building relationships remains as a constant and critical necessity in the community.

Quality Automotive Service in Surrey

With over 24 years dedicated to the automotive service industry, Amin is constantly improving services, upgrading technical tools, and remains in touch with the changing automotive industry, so that every vehicle serviced at MIGHTY TUNE & BRAKE in Surrey receives quality service and attention.

Amin Bhimji Owner Head Technician